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Development Process

After years of offshore software development, SpaceCS has created a matured process management methodology, whose core idea is RUP (Rational Unified Process) . To ensure the quality at all stages of development, we adopt RUP as follows:

1. Business Modeling & Requirements:
When receiving an RFP, the appropriate project manager and senior engineer are assinged to cooperate in preparing the proposal for the project. The core of the proposal is the work load estimation, which is also the most difficult task in preparing the proposal. Our engineers spend necessary time to figure out an accurate estimation.

2. Software Requirements Analysis and Design:
After successfully obtaining the project, our project managers immediately lead their team members in analyzing and design of the system. In order to keep a consistent understanding of requirement with the client, we provide use case diagram or a static prototype. While designing the system, our engineers adopt the merit of design model to fulfill the task. Adopting the theory of TDD(Testing Driven Development), we also assign Testing Leader that will get involved in the project in this phase

3. Software Project Planning
After approval of the analysis and design from the client, our project managers and development team draft a development plan for the project with cost and time estimates. Planning is a critical phase which involves high-level architecture creation, delivery and deployment scheduling, information and capacity architecture plan, and third-party integration.

4. Implementation:
This is the stage where the project actuallybegins. The core task in this phase is to develop a program on the basis of the previous design and planning. We reduce the developing risk by adsorbing the twinning program thoughts in XP (Extreme Programming or Agile Programming). And we build the application in a progressive manner.

5. Test:
Testing has two types. One is teh Unit Test of the Module, and the other is the System Integration Test. The Unit Test goes with the whole development process. In order to ensure the high quality of the code, we guarantee that every module should have corresponding testing code. The System Integration Test is the major initiative in the testing phase. Usually, we need to finish 3 round progressive testing in this phase. The version released after the testing is called the Alpha Version.

6. Maintenance:
The maintenance phase covers system maintenance including database, application and network maintenance. Required application feature enhancements are planned at this stage, and are developed and executed when appropriate.

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